Photo of Voice Over Lindsay Abbott

Voice Over Stories

Having recently returned to the industry, colleagues asked for some voice over stories on what it’s like to be a voice over
Photo of Voice Over Lindsay Abbott
So, here are just a few anecdotal stories that sprang to mind…

There are countless other quirky voice over stories of life as a voice over. These are just a small sample.

It’s brilliant, but this is a little known fact; many voice over booths double up as saunas in the summer. If only I could find somewhere to hang a towel…

The old saying goes that some people just like the sound of their own voice. Well, if I could recognise it I would…

Many has been the time I’ve had the radio on in the car during a commercial break and only realised the voice-over was me after the tag line, or even into the next segment; ‘Oh yes, I did do that furniture ad, I didn’t know they were still running that one…’

It’s an anathema that voice over artists are quiet, solitary souls. Let them out at party time and they can close a place down; the excitement of escaping a small space padded cell can never be under-estimated.

Patience is an essential prerequisite of being a voice over. Some of my best voice over work has been recorded during a flyover or two, just as I was gaining stride. This happens whether or not I’m recording at my own studio, or at an external studio. ‘Can we go again please, from the top?’

If you haven’t already, do stop by and take a listen to some of my work.